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New Product Released: Chang Yih Variable Inverters(VFD)

General Purpose Sensorless Vector-Controlled Inverter, the innovative product developed by Chairman Lin Bi-Long of Chang Yih Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. Photographed by Wu Ching-chang

Coping with mega trend of Industry 4.0, Chang Yih Electrical Industry has developed innovative smart-control of drives. Combining years of experiences and responding to industrial demands, Chang Yih successfully launched its sensorless vector-controlled inverter, another enforcement to the domestic manufacturing of high-efficiency and high stability inverters.

Lin Ming-Chi, General Manager of Chang Yih Electrical Industry Co., Ltd., points out that the inverter is a convenient tool for adjusting speeds of 3-phase motors. Chang Yih sensorless vector-controlled inverter V/F and sensorless vector-controller are equipped with built-in multi-function PID controller and exclusive PID for water pumps, offering automatic torque enhancement and slip compensation for energy saving, excellent performance and exceptional efficiency.

Features of Inverter: Output frequency 0.1~400Hz; Automatic Voltage-Regulated (AVR) output; RS-485 Built-in serial communication interface; Capable of 8-step speed setting and 7-speed programmable operation; S-Curve, V/F Curve setting and automatic acceleration/deceleration adjustment; 0-speed control and Sleep/Wake function; low noise; carrier frequency 1-15K; compact size, excellent stability; High CP value.

In the past domestic inverters had high error ratio and imported ones were relatively expensive. Based on the niche of motor development and manufacturing, together with more than 30 years of experience in industrial applications, after more than 3 years study and countless tests, Chang Yih has successfully provided the market with this Sensorless Vector-Controlled Inverter.

Lin Ming-Chi emphasizes that the inverter is capable of selecting an output voltage on its own, for operating the motor with minimal current, therefore minimizing operational ware of motor; a 3% efficiency increase is added to the original power saving basis. The Sensorless Vector-Controlled Inverter needs to calculate rotating speed and current position base on electrical parameters. In coordination with pre-set motor parameters, the application scope and convenience of inverters are expanded. Chang Yih’s prompt response to market demand has further assisted upgrading of domestic industry.

Led by Chairman Lin Bi-Long, Chang Yih Electrical Industry exerts core values of the transmission components industry and specializes in manufacturing high-tech and high-efficiency motors. By upgrading into manufacturing Sensorless Vector-Controlled Inverters, Chang Yih manages to get full insight of market impulses. Insisting its development strategies of “Technology for Orientation and Quality for Vanguard”, with continuous teamwork and well-prepared planning, sustained analysis, research, test, correction and final validation, Chang Yih manufactures high-performance transmission and control products that meet industrial needs.