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Chang Yih Vector Inverters - Qualified and Inexpensive

Chang Yih Electrical Industry successfully developed Vector Inverters with versatile specifications meeting different requirements of the industry. Figure/provided by Chang Yih. Text/Chen Ren-Yi

Chang Yih Electrical Industry has devoted 20+ years in manufacturing stepless motor speed regulating products. Currently, multiple models of vector inverters have been successfully developed featuring sensorless vector design as well as constant-speed linking and torque linking functions sufficiently satisfying the ever-changing needs of the market.

Lin Ming-Chi, General Manager of Chang Yih Electrical Industry, points out that Vector Inverters developed by the company have gone through 3 more years research and countless tests and improvements, not only being of excellent quality but also featuring comprehensive specifications and affordable prices. He further points out that the inverter is a convenient tool for adjusting speeds of 3-phase motors. However, in the past, due to high error ratio of domestic products and high-price of imported ones, the utilization in the market was not much. Now that, thanks to improvements of electronic components, the compact size, the low error ratio as well as a more economic cost, market demand has grown significantly, resulting in improved market competitiveness in both quality and price of products of the machinery industry.

Lin Ming-Chi also points out that the features of Chang Yih Vector Inverters include: (1) Sensorless Vector-Controlled: Motors are enabled for automatic compensation against load change for a more steady speed without the need of feedback generator or feedback signal; both 3-phase and single phase power source can be used; 3-phase output, re-generated voltage can be automatically absorbed. When inverter output frequency is set at 1,000rpm/min of motor operation, the motor generates a reverse voltage if it is drawn by an external force of 1,500rpm/min. In this case, inverter may fail if no absorption treatment is provided. This function is necessary for wind-loaded machines and/or load hoisting machines. (2) Output frequency 0.1-400Hz, motor specification 1,800rpm/min, double speed may be achieved when connected to inverter. Simple contact signal can be connected for 8-step speed control. (3) Applicable to slitting machines of cloth or plastic, leather, steel cutting/cropping, etc. where a rolling function is necessary. Rotation speed and torque can be automatically adjusted when the rolling diameter alters from small to large, offering a neat product appearance. (4) Capable of constant-speed linking: satisfying identical speed of multiple motors at a constant speed or variable speeds, as well as multiple motors at proportionally changing movements, such as wiring machines. (5) Capable of torque linking: When main machine operates at a torque of 10KG/m, the inverter will automatically notify other subsidiary machines for being controlled at the same torque, 10KG/m. Applicable to machine with extra-length overhead chain, suspension hook chain of kiln, etc. Website: (Commercial Times)