Chang Yih inverter manufacturer

Three Phase 4Q (DC Quadrant) Controller

  • electric speed controllers, 3 phase controller
  • Instead the solenoid switch.
  • Inspect current / Temperature / Magnetic.
  • Precission speed control if Coordinate with DC motor.
  • Easy assembly / low Breakdown / easy maintain.
  • Constant voltage / Current can run constant torque / HP.
  • Product Feature
一.Dimensions in mm

二.Control Principle
1.Two units of SCR bridge rectifiers parallel connection.
2.Dc motor forward when SCR1 switch on after SCR1 switch off.
SCR2 transfer the power bsck to the switch.
The brake comes out.
3.DC motor reverse when SCR2 switch on.
After SCR2 switch off. Scr1 transfer the power back to the switch.
The brake comes out.


1.Constant voltage / Current suit for plationg or high frequency forwaro / Reverse change.
2.Good for battery charger. Instead the resistance discharge reduce the waste of thermal.

四.Forward / Reverse speed controller Wiring Diagram

五.Forward / Constant Current Controller