Chang Yih inverter manufacturer

Single phase DC motor 4Q controller

  • Simplification of the three-phase connection.
  • Inspection of over-current, unusual-current. SCR over heat.
  • Trake & control several ” Parallel controllers ”.
  • Constant torque / HP.
  • Low breakdown / Easy maintain.
  • High efficiency of speed cintrol, complete protection system.
  • High precision / wile speed(100:1) / add function is available.
  • 2Q type - single direction. (Normal speed control)
  • 4Q type - all electroic control. (Forward. Reverse. Brake.)
  • Product Description
  • Product Dimension
【Control Principle】
  • This controller uses thyristor six phase bridge rectifier(input:AC output : DC)
  • The voltage is changed by pulse. it constants the speed within different DC voltage.
(一)4Q feature (Forward / Reverse instant)
  • Single type: (AC 200-400V)
  • Easy connection
  • Inspection of over-current, unusual-current, over heat.
  • Unusual magnetic.
  • Voltage feedback built-in.
  • Detachable terminal.
(二)DM 4Q control principle
  • This controller uses two SCR bridge rectifier and reverse parallel.
  • The motor is forward when SCR1 is on. The SCR2 will transmitting electricity and it brake. when the SCR1 is off.
  • The motor is reverse when SCR2 is on. the SCR1 will transmitting electricity and it brake. when the SCR2 is off.
(三)Precautions & Temperature
  • Reserve GAP when installing the controller.
  • The control box needs vents or fan.
  • Dont over 70% of capacity if the enviroment is too hot.
  • Dont install the controller in moist / dusty / gases place.
  • Moisture:less than 90% RH.
  • Temperature: -10°C~45°C